The Illusion of Democracy in America

42% of voters in America now identify as Independent rather than Democratic or Republican. That is an all time high percentage. Voters identifyng as “independent” already outnumber those who identify as Republicans or Democrats, and if the trend continues, Independent voters will outnumber Democrats and Republicans combined before long.

A growing number of voters – especially millennials – are disgusted with the corruption that so blatantly infiltrates both the Democratic and Republican parties, and are instead choosing to register as nonpartisan or independent. This trend is obvious when you look at the success of the candidacies of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and the overwhelming amount of support they are receiving from younger voters on opposite sides of the political spectrum. People are fed up with the corrupt two party system that they perceive is controlled by establishment insiders.

Many States have closed or semi-closed primaries and thus choose to exclude these voters from their primary process, and then when the nominees are chosen, both sides do their best to attract the all important independents – knowing it will make or break their party candidates outcomes in November. They exclude the very people their party needs to attract to win from being part of the primary process to chose the nominee.

A few examples:

Screenshot 2016-04-27 10.04.27New York can’t even think about calling their closed primary fair or democratic. In New York, voters wishing to vote for a Democrat  would’ve had to change from independent, nonpartisan, or “other” to Democrat in OCTOBER OF 2015! There had not even been ONE debate between the Democratic candidates at that time. If you think this is by accident – you’re blind. This policy was put in place last year by the New York State Democratic Party SPECIFICALLY to protect the candidacies of established Party favorites. If that’s not bad enough – last week it was revealed that  over 120,000 voters were PURGED from the voter roles. A Brooklyn election clerk was suspended without pay. The board of elections boss is “Sorry”. What’s being done to give these voters the right to have their say in last week’s primary? Nothing. Their right to vote was taken away when their registration magically disappeared – and nothing will be done to rectify the situation.

Arizona was a debacle from the beginning. The number of polling places in Maricopa County was reduced from 270 to 60. I wrote about the issues, and Arizona voters called for a revote or another day of voting to give people a chance to have their voices heard in the primary. Will anything be done to give them a say in this election? Nope. People are “sorry”… so it’s ok? Both the Bernie Sanders and the Hillary Clinton campaigns have filed lawsuits in Arizona – but nothing will be done to give voters who were wrongly denied their right to vote a say in this election.

In Chicago, there was blatant election fraud. The Chicago BOE did an audit – In one example, 21 Bernie votes were erased and 49 Hillary votes added to an audit tally in order to match the machine count. In this one precinct, this change from the actual results accounted for nearly 20% of overall votes cast. The actual tally was 56.7% in Bernie’s favor. After the count was manipulated by machine he lost with 47.5% of vote. A whopping 18.4% swing.

There are many other examples of how undemocratic this primary process has been during this election cycle – but for the sake of brevity, I’ll leave it at these three for this article. So what should be done to fix this in the future? Here are my suggestions:

  • Independent and Nonpartisan voters should be INCLUDED in all primary voting processes. It’s insane that the largest block of voters is excluded in many states from having a say in the nominees under our current (CORRUPT) two party system. This could be done by allowing same-day registration or the ability to update affiliation on the day of voting, but honestly, one shouldn’t have to register with a party whose platform they may not agree with just to support a candidate they want to vote for in the general election.
  • Caucus should be eliminated altogether as a way to choose a nominee. I wrote recently about why the caucus system sucks. Delegates should be done away with as well. There should be FAIR and INCLUSIVE primaries that INCLUDE early or mail-in voting. One person – one vote. PERIOD.
  • Superdelegates should be done away with. Why should party insiders be given a vote that is thousands of times more influential and powerful than anyone else’s? The answer is – they shouldn’t. The super delegate system is ridiculous. Same thing with “unbound delegates” on the Republican side.
  • All elections for national offices should have to follow the same rules. There shouldn’t be different rules for different states. Elections for national offices should be nationalized, and everyone’s vote should have the same weight.

What does this all mean for the current primary? Absolutely nothing. If the same establishment folks stay in control – the same establishment BS will continue happening. Millions of voters will be disenfranchised, and may never want to be part of the political process again. It’s shameful that we call this process “Democracy”.

The most likely scenario is that Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee, and Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. If this is the case, I predict that voter turnout will be historically low on both sides for a presidential year. The current sham of a “democracy” that America brags about isn’t working for a lot of  ordinary Americans – and that’s a fact.

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