From #UniteBlue to #BernieOrBust – A Journey

When this primary season began, I didn’t particularly like Hillary Clinton, but I did not dislike her either. I have always felt that Hillary is a little hawkish, and I disagree with her positions on several issues – But I respected her accomplishments and her drive. I was hoping that a more progressive candidate would run, and I was THRILLED when Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy. I immediately signed up to Volunteer, and have been giving 10-20 hrs per week to his campaign in different capacities from the very beginning.

I had lunch with a friend in the Summer of 2015 – when things were just heating up. Bernie was still considered a “long-shot” candidate. This was my first exposure to the “Bernie or Bust” movement. My friend talked until she was blue in the face about why she would never vote for Hillary Clinton – and I could not for the life of me understand how someone in a swing state could ‘waste’ their vote in the event that HRC was the nominee. “Hillary Clinton would be better than any Republican!” That was my position. “Don’t waste your vote” I begged.

I mention my previous position to give a sense of context. I’ve always been a pragmatist. I understand that sometimes you have to vote for the lesser of two evils. I have been a Democratic Activist my entire adult life. I have supported the Democratic Party and progressive causes with my time and money. I had, until this past year, thought that by supporting the Democratic Party, I was fighting the corruption of the Republican party.

Throughout this primary campaign, I have learned a lot more about Hillary Clinton that I dislike. This article isn’t going into extreme detail about my gripes with HRC the candidate. Up until last week, I was still of the mindset that IF – despite all of the problems with the primaries, all of the fraud, all of the issues – HRC won the Democratic Nomination, I’d still plug my nose and vote for her in November – especially since the Republican Nominee is a psycho racist bigot.

The final straw was this past Saturday. I attended the Democratic State Convention in Nevada as a Delegate for Bernie Sanders. The minute the Chair of the Nevada Democratic Party, Roberta Lange, pounded her gavel and declared that the rules for the convention had been passed despite a much louder and more clear NO from the delegation, I knew that Bernie Delegates were getting screwed. We didn’t have a voice. We were railroaded the entire 16 hour day. You can read a detailed account of my experience at the convention here – But that was it for me. A friend of mine who was also a Delegate described the experience at that convention in a way that blew my mind. She said it was a bit like being raped – And she WAS actually raped at a young age. I have never been raped, but honestly, I can’t imagine anything worse, and for her to draw a comparison really opened my eyes. I was an emotional mess for 3 days after realizing that the democracy I’ve been fighting for my entire adult life is a sham.

So, In a nutshell, I’m done. After the DNC Convention in July in Philadelphia (where I will be – FIGHTING for Bernie to the bitter end) I will be changing my registration from Democratic to the Green Party. I suspect that HIllary Clinton will be the Democratic Nominee regardless of what happens between now and then, because the fix is in, and I now realize that it has been from the VERY BEGINNING. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. I will not – I can not – and if the DNC is STUPID enough to nominate the most disliked candidate in the history of the Democratic Party who is currently LOSING (in the polls) to Donald Trump in the key swing state of Ohio, and TIED in two other swing states (FL and PA) then they deserve to lose.

I will not vote HRC out of fear of a Trump presidency. I will no longer support the corrupt 2-party system. When you ask if I will vote for HIllary Clinton in November, you are asking me to inform the DNC that their dishonesty and corruption will be rewarded with my vote. You are the reason we do not have a political party that stands for the people. You are the enemy of Democracy. Maybe a Trump presidency is what it will take for the rest of this country to wake up and fight.


It’s as simple as that.

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