My First-Hand Account of the Nevada State Democratic Convention

This past Saturday, I had the displeasure of attending the Nevada State Democratic Convention at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. I left my home at 7:30 AM – Excited to go attend my State Convention as a delegate for Bernie Sanders, and participate in democracy. The Paris is about 85 miles from my home, so I figured that 2.5 hrs was ample time to get there, get parked, find the convention center, get checked in, etc… Everything that I needed to do by 10 AM in order to be counted. We arrived at the Paris with time to spare, and went to park. Turns out – The Paris parking lot was FULL! OK – Still OK, luckily we left with some extra time to spare. We had to park about 5 blocks away, at the Planet Hollywood Parking lot, and walk over to the Paris. By the time we found the convention center, it was 9:50 AM. We BARELY made it.

It was reported that around 200 delegates were late due to the lack of parking, and no exception was made for arrival time for them to attend. Who’s to blame for this? Perhaps nobody, but it’s bad planning by the Nevada Democratic Party. They should’ve ensured that there would be plenty of parking for delegates, and since there wasn’t, they should’ve allowed at least 30 minutes of additional time to arrive and check in. But — They didn’t, so 200 delegates that took the time to show up were screwed out of their chance to vote because of bad planning by the NV Democratic Party.

Finally, we got checked in — Credentials in hand! I’m a delegate! (WOO HOO)… I was excited. We walked into the main hall, and found seats in the Sanders Delegates section for Clark County. I looked around and noticed that there were not as many young college aged delegates for Bernie at the State convention as there were at the Clark County convention. I found out that was due to the fact that both UNLV and CSN had their graduation on the same day. While I can’t prove it, I suspect that the date was scheduled to intentionally overlap with graduation to keep Sanders’ delegates from showing up. It’s no secret that Harry Reid basically promised the state of Nevada to Hillary Clinton months ago.

The VERY FIRST order of business when we arrived was to pass the temporary rules as the permanent rules for the convention. This “rules vote” gave Roberta Lange ABSOLUTE control of the proceedings with NO option for recourse, and negated the results of the County Conventions (which Bernie won). Here’s what happened:

I was MAD! Every Sanders delegate in that room knew – from the moment that Roberta Lange pounded her gavel and passed the rules – DESPITE a much louder NO vote – and IGNORING a call from the floor for a split of delegation – we were getting screwed. I knew in that moment that the powers that be had decided well in advance how this day would go, and there was NOTHING we could do about it. Yes – There was screaming, yelling, and cursing. The Sanders delegates were chanting “RECOUNT! RECOUNT!” only to be ignored. The chant then changed to “BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT!” Still ignored. We saw democracy dying right before our eyes, and were powerless to do anything about it.

Next came Barbara Boxer. There was still loud booing and yelling going on from the rules vote. Barbara Boxer came to do her “rah rah” Hillary Clinton speech, and some of the delegates on the Sanders side were still booing loudly from what had just happened. Instead of talking about her candidate, she stood up there and TAUNTED the Sanders delegates, saying over and over “If you’re booing me, you’re booing Bernie Sanders!”. People booed louder and louder, and finally she cut her speech short and got off stage.

Throughout the day, Roberta ignored motions and requests from the Sanders’ side. The only way Sanders’ delegates voices were heard is when candidates gave over their time to those who wanted to speak, and even then, their voices were ignored.

Toward the end, Dan Rolle, a candidate for Congress in CD4 called for the removal of Roberta Lange as chair. The first time, while using a loudspeaker, he was threatened with arrest. The second time, while speaking on the microphone on the Sanders’ side of the room, the mic was cut.  Below is his press conference about the experience at the Nevada Convention, and why he’s calling for Roberta Lange to step down.

The day ended with Roberta Lange unilaterally called the convention to a conclusion with motions on the floor that had not been voted on, INCLUDING a motion to remove her as chair of the Democratic Party, and police were called in to abruptly end the convention.


The Media narrative that has come from this is that Bernie supporters were VOLENT. They keep replaying a clip of a man with a chair, and it looks as if he’s getting ready to throw it…. But they don’t show the full context of the clip, when he sets the chair down for someone else, and hugs another person. CNN Claimed there was violence at the Nevada convention. There was no violence. There WAS screaming and yelling and cursing. People were pissed, and rightfully so. Sanders’ delegates were railroaded on EVERY vote – EVERY motion – the ENTIRE day.

If  you want to talk about violence, talk about this: Only one person’s been arrested; it was a Hillary Clinton supporter, Wendell Pierce, arrested for assaulting a Sanders supporter.  *Note – this did not happen at the Nevada convention… It’s just being included as a point of reference since the [completely false] narrative being presented by CNN and others is that Bernie supporters are violent.

The following few videos should give you a pretty clear picture of what actually happened if you were not there.  It was truly awful.

Hillary Clinton Delegate discusses corruption and violence at NV Convention

Ed Shultz with Nina Turner.  There was no violence.

The Young Turks report about what happened


I’ll leave you, dear reader, with the following statement.  Before the NV Convention, I was still prepared to plug my nose and vote for Hillary Clinton in November.  I am now #BernieOrBust.  You can read my other article about my journey from #UniteBlue to #BernieOrBust


Other Sources:

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