Utah Democrats Seek to Hold Superdelegates Accountable

On April 9, 2016, Utah Democrats in Salt Lake County passed a resolution urging all of Utah’s Superdelegates to vote for Sanders at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.  Sanders won 80% of the vote in Utah’s caucus on March 22.

On April 23rd at the Utah State Democratic Convention, Breanne Miller, who is a Superdelegate currently supporting Clinton refused to hear a legitimate motion to allow for time to discuss adopting a new by-law.  The proposed by-law would create consequences for Superdelegates who don’t vote with the majority of primary voters.

After much complaint, Party Chairman Peter Corroon deferred the matter to the upcoming Central Committee meeting as shown in the following video:

The text of the proposed by-law is as follows:

“Any unpledged delegate (Super-delegate) from Utah who fails to cast their vote at the Democratic National Convention for the Presidential candidate that received a majority of votes at the Utah Democratic Presidential primary, caucus, presidential preference poll or similar vote, upon any ballot at the Democratic National Convention where the Presidential candidate who received Utah’s popular majority vote has not publically conceded, must resign any position within the Utah State Democratic Party Executive Committee within 10 days, may not hold any such position in the future, and shall not receive any support, including but not limited to financial, logistic, organizing, and access to data from the State Party or any of its subdivisions as a candidate for public office as a Democrat at any subsequent election in Utah or any of Utah’s political subdivisions.”

A change.org petition is circulating in advance of the May 31 meeting of the Utah State Democratic Central Committee, where they will vote on the by-law.

The Petition is below. Consider signing if you live in Utah.


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