No, it’s not ‘just a little politics’

It is 10:12 p.m. Pacific Standard Time in Nye County Nevada and I know 3 things. The Nevada State Democratic Convention was rigged from the beginning. There were infiltrators in all the Facebook groups, and some Sanders supporters, who were willing to sell their souls to run over other Sanders supporters enough, to get to go to the National Convention. That too is a sad state of affairs.

The person in charge of the Sanders campaign in Nevada, made a deal with the Clinton representative and the State Party, to scrub all the National Delegate Candidates, from both factions, except Washoe and Clark counties, with the intention of playing favorites and in collusion with certain other people on the Credentials Committee and the Convention Committee.

No, it’s not just a little politics and NO, lying cheating and stealing are not okay when there were supposed to be rules observed, and there were not. Broken rules do not a nominee make, nor do they make any one person more deserving than another. We are all supposed to be EQUAL under the Law and in a Democracy. No favorites.

All of these arrangements were made weeks before the actual Convention took place. Our only recourse to protest was using the Occupy Method of the Human Microphone, because the microphone we were supposed to use, had been confiscated by one of the Sargent at Arms and it wasn’t returned until someone took the microphone the Clinton Delegates were supposed to use. Both microphones, worth over a combined $3400.00, or so we were told, were returned to their rightful stands, unharmed.

About an hour ago, my friend in Vermont texted me that her Convention had no rules. That the rules had been suspended in favor of adopting the rules the Chair implemented. She said she was going to take her Resolution to the Convention Floor. I wished her luck. When she said it was like a set up, that no one could do anything about it to change anything because the Chair had the final say, I said it sounded like what happened in Nevada. I also said I think we were the test to see if they could get away with it.

I think the biggest distraction the Nevada State Democratic Party pulled, was accusing the Bernie Sanders Delegates of being violent, long enough to certify the results of State Convention. The biggest foul the NVDEMS pulled was to infiltrate us, not just with supposed “Bernie supporters” but actual members of the Credentials Committee and Convention Committee.

So the same thing happened in Vermont as happened in Nevada, albeit much more quietly and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is using this as an excuse to implement new rules at the National Convention, barring any interruptions of any kind.

I haven’t seen anyone throw any chairs, at the Nevada State Democratic Convention or otherwise, though I did see a Nevada Chair throw a Convention.

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