The Nevada Convention Broke my Heart

When I moved to Nevada from SoCal 6 years ago I discovered “The Caucus”. Oh but what to my wondering eyes would appear but a convoluted, beyond ridiculous way to vote for our representatives. I was stymied and pretty much disgusted.  In this day and age of technology, is this the best we can do???

This inane system discriminates against the working citizens, elderly, those who are unwell, and people who may be traveling or have family care conflicts. So on that one and only 3 hour clusterfuck, on that “special” day, those of us, like sperm rushing to the egg dealt with this mess — just to vote. OMG!

While blundering thru as a precinct chair for the second time, oh, and last time they called me a “captain”, wowie, I experienced the profound difference between the HRC folks and the Bernie supporters. I knew then that I was definitely on the correct track but I was surprised by how, well… assholish these Clinton people were. Not all but in general your basic buttheads.  I was elected as a Delegate for Bernie Sanders.

Next came the County Convention which was so badly planned – I may sound like a whiner, but my God, there were 1000s of people in an extremely long snake like line and NO port o potties. Not even one. A male friend and I ran across the street to a Federal Bldg. Closed. I had to pee behind a tree and as I was zipping up a security guard sort of told me to leave. She was nice, but my friend hadn’t “gone” yet, so we had to ditch her, find another spot, just not civilized. Really. Same experience with the vast divide between the opposing sides, same assholish people.  I survived that mess and was voted in as a State Delegate. How I was, I have no clue, however I suspect they pull names out of a hat.

This is where the devastation to my sensitive, progressive voting soul occurred. I’m just now able to write about this. Seriously, you had to be there. My heart was literally broken in that 14 hour day. I realized my vote didn’t matter. From the first bogus bang of the gavel, it was over.  Unfortunately we stayed and watched in sadness and horror the event devolve and unfold. There was NO VIOLENCE! The media lied. I know, because I was a witness to what really went down and, no it wasn’t without tension, however righteous indignation was absolutely reasonable.

What really got to me was seeing the same emotion in all of these beautiful, hopeful people sitting beside and around me.

Here’s a busy Internal Medicine Doctor. He had to rush up to the stage for a medical emergency. We talked about how he works so many hours, he wished he could get home to spend time with his wife and three young children.


Here’s a guy with a fab beard, note the Bernie bird. He offered us an array of carefully arranged snacks. As with all of the people I met, he was clearly a very intelligent man.


I spoke with Engineers and Software Analysts, Musicians…. all heartbroken that they were watching democracy die right in front of their eyes.




I decided that day I could no longer vote for HRC under any circumstances. I’ve learned a lot on this twisted journey and I will not cast my support for further corruption. If this country has to learn a hard 4 year lesson, then so be it.  My hope is Bernie will prevail, even if it’s via the Green Party. Rock and Roll my friends. We’ll see how it goes.

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