Beyond the pale. I CANNOT vote for Hillary Clinton

She now has lashed out at Bernie Sanders for his support for the Sandinistas and his criticism of the Reagan administration’s efforts to overthrow the Sandinistas in the 1980s. What a disgrace she is.
I organized two trips to Nicaragua in the 1980s so that dozens of people from SLC could see first-hand what was happening there — which was contrary to what Reagan and the mainstream media were representing to the people of the U.S.

The U.S. was supporting the Contras (and in fact had organized and funded them), as they were terrorizing the population (according to a terrorism handbook prepared for them by the CIA), burning hospitals and schools, and killing health care providers and teachers.

It seems, just like Kissinger, Hillary would have preferred a U.S.-puppet regime like the sadistic Somozas rather than a government trying to throw off the yoke of U.S. imperialism and provide economic justice for the people of Nicaragua.

Damn her for criticizing Sanders for taking a stand against the U.S.’s murderous oppression of the people of Nicaragua, El Salvador (where the U.S. supported the death squads), and elsewhere in Latin America.

She is vile – a tool of Wall Street, the military-industrial complex, and the neoconservatives who are hell-bent on dominating the world militarily and economically, at a cost of millions of lives and misery for many millions more.

It’s time for the Justice Party to move forward and provide a home for all those in the Democratic Party and Republic Party, and also independents, who have finally had it with the corrupt, Wall Street-boot-licking, war-mongering duopoly.

2 thoughts on “Beyond the pale. I CANNOT vote for Hillary Clinton

  1. Mayor Anderson. Thanks for acknowledging the hypocrisy and downright evil forces unleashed by the secretary and her wealthy cronies. How dare she criticize Sen. Sanders for his truth-seeking mission to Latin America. And for her to do so soon after the assassination of berta is especially galling. Beautifully said.

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