#FuelTheBern – How you can help Bernie!

It’s not too late for Bernie to win the Democratic Nomination!  With the recent news of Hillary’s email problem, chances are if Bernie wins the last few states, we’ll go to the convention in Philly with enough momentum to take it!

Bernie needs our help!  Here’s the most effective ways you can help!

#1 – CANVAS!!  If you live in a state with an upcoming primary, the MOST effective thing you can do is canvas.  We still have 10 contests to focus on.  Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and DC – If you live in any of these places – PLEASE – visit http://bernie.to/map and sign up for a canvassing event near you.

#2 – PHONEBANK!  In Thursday’s live volunteer stream, the campaign staff announced that so far in this campaign, volunteers have made 67 MILLION calls!  This is by far the largest voter outreach program ever in a campaign, and it’s extremely effective.  Phonebanking is EASY – Training is provided, and there is support if you need help!  You can sign up for phonebanking events near you at http://bernie.to/map, OR you can phonebank anytime from home!  Just visit http://bernie.to/PB to get started.

#3 – Joint the Text for Bernie team!  If phonebanking isn’t your thing, you can join the Text for Bernie team!  Volunteers on this team are required to take at least a couple shifts per week, and each shift takes between 2-4 hours to complete and reply to all of the messages.  You’ll be sending out text messages recruiting volunteers to phonebooks and canvassing events, and most importantly, you’ll be sending out reminder messages the day before voting and ON voting day in the remaining states!  Check out http://www.textforbernie.com/ if you’d like to join the text team.

#4 – LCV Volunteer!  If you’ve done a lot of phonebanking, and you’re technically savvy, the Live Chat Volunteer team can use your help!  You need to be ready to dedicate 5-10 hours per week minimum to Bernie to join this team.  You’ll be supporting the phonebankers, and helping them to work out technical issues with the phonebanking system.  If you’re interested in joining this team, check out this page: http://bernie.to/joinvolteams

#5 – Help Desk!  The help desk (help@berniesanders.com) receives thousands of emails per day from voters and volunteers.  It takes a team to help answer all of these emails!  This team also requires a minimum of 5-10 hours per week.  The link is:  http://bernie.to/joinvolteams

If you really want Bernie to get elected, it’s time to step up and volunteer!  If we truly want a political revolution, we all have to contribute to make it happen… So please!  Look at the options above, and get going!  We have 10 days until the California Primary to make it happen.

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