Dear Clinton Supporters – It’s on YOU when Trump wins in November

Yes, you read that right.

If you chose to nominate the candidate who is losing or tied with Donald Trump in ALL of the recent polls vs. the one who easily trounces him by double digits, then it’s on YOU when Donald Trump wins.


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To all of you Clintonites who say “Sanders should drop out, he’s hurting Hillary” – I say to you.  Hillary Clinton is the one who should drop out of this race.  If she truly cares about keeping a Democrat in the Whitehouse, then she should realize, for the good of the Democratic Party, and the United States of America, Sanders is the strongest candidate to run against Trump.

It’s not JUST the polls either!  The fact is, Clinton is a bad candidate.  She has a higher unfavorability rating than ANY Democratic candidate for President has – EVER in the history of the Democratic party.  Her rating is better than Trumps by only a couple of points, and when you consider the vile things Trump has said about Latinos, Muslims, women, and many other groups, it’s truly horrifying that HRC’s rating is nearly as bad.

When it comes to which candidate the public perceives as honest and trustworthy, Clinton gets trounced by ALL other candidates, including Donald Trump.

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My prediction:  Democrats are going to ignore the writing on the wall, and anoint HRC as the Democratic Nominee, despite all of the above.  Trump will viciously attack HRC on EVERYTHING she has done, or has been suspected of doing for the past 30 years.  Email scandal, Bill’s affairs, Benghazi (even though it’s been proven there was no wrongdoing by HRC) – It’s all on the table, and if you think Trump won’t put it ALL out there, again, for the world to see, including the younger generation of voters who may not remember the details about Bill’s years in the Whitehouse –  you’re an idiot.   Hillary Clinton is a bad candidate, and my prediction is that if she is the Democratic Nominee, and Trump is the Republican nominee, and no other candidate makes a serious third party run, we will have president Trump in November.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz has known from the minute HRC announced her candidacy that she would be the nominee, and she has done EVERYTHING in her power to fix this nomination so that Sanders doesn’t have a chance.  MSNBC and others plan to declare HRC as the “presumptive nominee” before voting is even closed on June 7th in California, despite the fact that Superdelegates don’t vote until the Democratic Convention in July, and are free to change their support at any time before that… So MSNBC has admitted that they plan to PURPOSELY suppress the vote, even though it’s now pretty much impossible for either candidate to go into Philadelphia with enough pledged delegates to seal the deal.

My hope is that Sanders wins enough of the remaining contests to make the pledged delegate count extremely close going in to Philadelphia.  If he does that, then perhaps the Superdelegates will make the right decision, and Sanders will be the Nominee.

See you in Philly, my friends.

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