POLL: Who do you plan to vote for?

Hi Berners,

Please take a moment and participate in our quick poll below. It only takes a second! Please feel free to leave a comment below as to why you made the decision you did. #TheRevolutionContinues.

In solidarity,

The BernThePress team

2 thoughts on “POLL: Who do you plan to vote for?

  1. I chose Jill because her platform is the most similar to Bernie’s and in Michigan, where I live, a write-in candidate must be declared as such in order for the vote to count. Jill is on my ballot, Bernie has not declared as a write-in candidate, so, for me, Jill it is.

    1. I agree. Jill is on the Ballot in MI and I plan to support HER. Writing Bernie in does nothing but waste a vote. Also, Ajamu Baraka has opened my eyes even WIDER than before. I am a former Platform Committee Member for Bernie. I was in Orlando and Philly. I’m am working on my #DemExit.
      Here is a great introduction to him. https://youtu.be/YqGfXF28wps

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