5 Takeaways from Election 2016

5 takeaways from Election 2016:

  1. Not all Trump voters are despicable bigot racists, but all despicable bigot racists are Trump voters.
  2. The DNC’s decision to cheat/collude on behalf of their anointed one cost Democrats the White house and the Senate in 2016. Before you say “no smoking gun, they didn’t cheat, bla bla bla” – YES THEY DID CHEAT. THEY LIED. THE PEOPLE WHO WERE SWORN TO REMAIN NEUTRAL DURING THE PRIMARY COLLUDED BEHIND THE SCENES TO MAKE CLINTON LOOK GOOD, AND SANDERS LOOK BAD. If individuals from the DNC wanted to take a side in the primary, they should’ve resigned from the DNC (Like Tulsi Gabbard did).
  3. ABANDONING the next generation of the Democratic party — belittling, name-calling, look down your nose snobbery by the “Democratic elite” pushed Sanders’ supporters even further away from Clinton.
  4. The corporate media is part of the belittling, name-calling look down your nose snob mob. They FAILED the American People by slanting the stories to fit their narrative. This is why INDEPENDENT media (ie. The Young Turks, Democracy Now, etc) is SO important.
  5. Clinton’s decision to move to the RIGHT after she “won” the nomination, rather than learn the lesson from the primary and embrace the young progressives (who, BTW, are the future of the party) was a horrible, awful mistake. Maybe, just maybe, if Clinton had come out and taken responsibility for the corruption revealed by Wikileaks (instead of blaming the Russians), promised to flush the corruptors (ie. DWS, who HRC instead chose to HIRE after she was forced to resign in shame from the DNC), and picked a PROGRESSIVE VP instead of a boring bible-thumping pro TPP corporate shill, she would’ve won. Maybe, if she would’ve been REAL instead of calculating every word, every move, every decision, people wouldn’t have seen her as completely untrustworthy.

Please add your takeaways in comments…. Where we go from here? We organize. Bernie hasn’t ruled out a 2020 run. Sanders/Gabbard 2020? I like it. Hope you all are ready to fight hard the next 4 years, when Trump tries to take away LGBTQ equality, healthcare, and access for women to safe abortions. I hope you’re ready to fight when Trump tries to sell our our public lands for drilling and corporate interests, when he removes environmental regulations from the biggest polluters. I hope you’re all ready to fight.


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